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In 2021, the Caterham Cup will travel to 8 French and European circuits, for another sporty and friendly cocktail of races.

An average of 25 drivers will be on the starting grids in 3 categories:

Academy: cars very similar to normal road-going cars and reserved for beginners who have never competed in motor racing. This is the ideal way to get started in motor sport.

 Roadsport: Cars with more performance and with a higher level of competitiveness, this offers fair and competitive races at controlled costs.

420R: Faithful to the “Light is Right” philosophy, this Super Seven is boosted for racing: Sadev sequential gearbox, limited-slip differential and 2L Duratec engine. The experienced drivers go mad about the lap times.

The first round of the championship will take place in Alès, and the final will take place on the circuit of Nevers Magny-Cours at the beginning of November.

We can’t wait to see the drivers from previous years together with the new recruits compete on the track. Some drivers who have done well for themselves in Academy or Roadsport have chosen to move up to the next category!

All the generations race together in Caterham, from the novices who don’t have their road licences yet up to the very experienced drivers, we can say that Caterham still seduces as much from 17 to 77 years old!



Address : Pôle Mécanique d’Alès – Carreau Destival – 30520 SAINT MARTIN DE VALGALGUES

Phone : 04 66 83 88 17 

Email : christine@caterham.fr