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The Association Sportive Automobile was created in 1963. Under the governing body of the FFSA (Motor Sport Federation) and the CRSA BFC (Comité Régional Bourgogne Franche Comté), it has organised events since that date and administers motorsport for the participants rather than the officials. For more than 50 years, it has been directed by a committee of 15 members. It has been chaired by well known people from the region including: Jean BERNIGAUD, Jacqueline BERNIGAUD, Jean-Louis BALLERET, Roland HODEL, Dany SNOBECK and Jean Pierre BECHU who is currently the president of the association.



Having participated in the organisation of several Formula One Grand Prix, the current management team focuses on activity at the Circuit and works closely with 3 local teams: Team Ducs de Nevers, and Team Corbigny Auto (see logos at the foot of the page).

Within its governing role, it deals mainly with issuing racing licences, training officials and the recruitment of new members.
In 2014, the ASA Nevers Magny-Cours had 200 members, 120 of whom were volunteers. They are race directors, stewards and scrutineers, timekeepers, and track marshals. The other 80 members are racing members in all disciplines: hillclimb, rally, earth, drift and circuit. Some famous names are still members like René ARNOUX, and amongst current competitors Nicolas LAPIERRE, to name but a couple…










Email : asa.nmc58@gmail.com
Phone : 03 86 21 82 82






The issue of licences must be carried out through an ASA.

There are two main types of licences: licences for Competitors and licences for Officials.

You will find all the necessary information on the following link: Request a Licence.

Make sure that you have read the licence manual. You will find the various licences, requirements, prices… The license application form is available to download in PDF format.

Before sending it back to us, complete the form (medical certificate on the right hand side of the form, ophthalmic certificate if you wear glasses and for the 1st request for a licence, evidence of participation for international competition licences).

And don’t forget the choice of different options (France Auto, additional insurance…).

Please pay for the license and any options, as well as the ASA membership fee of 50 Euros in one cheque. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need a receipt, it will be sent to you by post.

To help the ASA in busy periods, please do not wait until the last moment to send us your licence request. It usually takes us 4 days to deal with your application.







The Marshals are the eyes of the Race Directors. Their presence is essential at all types of events. They not only ensure the safety of the competitors, but also that of their colleagues when they are working on an incident on the track.

They can officiate in different disciplines: rallies, hillclimbs, slalom, karting and at Circuits.

There are 4 levels of qualification: trainees, Marshals C, B and A (Post Chief). Before getting their 1st licence, they are informed of the activities they have to carry out during the event. Then, they move up the ranks through assessment (Marshal C) and exams.

They regularly (every 3 years) attend mandatory seminars. But that doesn’t stop them from having other training (sports regulations, fire fighting…).

For their information and their training as well as other officials, they have access to the various manuals on the FFSA website and the necessary documents to successfully complete their missions.

Since 2014, our ASA has organised a Marshals Challenge with an awards ceremony which takes place the day of the AGM of the ASA.

Philippe DERKAOUI, our Marshals Secretary and also our General Secretary is at your disposal, you can contact him by e-mail or phone.



Email : philippe.derkaoui@orange.fr
Phone :