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V de V Endurance Series

7 & 8 October 2017



Giving people who love racing cars the opportunity to get together in a friendly and festive spirit is what motivates Eric Van de Vijver, the promoter and organiser of the meeting.

Since 2013, Michelin has been the partner of V de V Sports for the V de V Endurance Series. This allows the French manufacturer to offer competitors racing tyres that are perfectly adapted to the different categories while at the same time keeping costs down.


Endurance Challenges

The GT/Touring cars Challenge grid has not ceased to expand from season to season. Placed under the auspices of the FIA and accepting GT3 cars for the last two years, it has had a variety of cars powered by engines ranging from 4 to 12 cylinders! But the great novelty of this season is the arrival of the prototypes of the LM P2 and LM PC (Formula Le Mans) categories, that are now accepted on the starting grids for these races of 3, 4 or 6 hours.

Judged on races of 4, 6, 9 or 12 hours in length, the Challenge Endurance Proto is the first recognised step for any driver who wants to access the higher levels of endurance races. This discipline is today accepted as significant on the European scene, where Group CN prototypes race against each other.

In 1992, the first competition organised by V de V Sports was reserved for historic competition vehicles, commonly known as VHC in France. In order to offer more and more attractive races, the owners of these models that are important in the history of racing will now compete in two events of forty five minutes or an hour.

Sprint Challenge

This is the story of a racing car constructor from Brittany, Yves Orhant, who enthusiastically built a car for drivers in search of excitement, yet competing on a moderate budget. It is exactly what they want, and V de V Sports believes in this concept that offers animated & spectacular sprint races at meetings of the V de V Endurance Series.


V DE V Single Seater Challenge

The Single Seater Challenge seems to have made a reputation for itself. Restricted budgets, as well as the number of races offered during each weekend, is a source of attraction for the European teams who see this series as a great alternative to other Championships that are judged in their eyes to be too expensive. Having achieved a great reputation, many young drivers, who drive alongside the Gentleman Drivers, no longer hesitate to focus on the Single Seater Challenge to prepare for a career at the highest levels of Motorsport.


For more information, we invite you to contact the event organiser :

VdeV Sports

E-mail : info@vdev.fr

Téléphone : 01 69 88 05 24


Technopôle, 58470 Magny-Cours
Tel. 03 86 21 80 00

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