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GT et F1 Simulators

The Experience


Immerse yourself in a world completely dedicated to racing on board one of our 6 dynamic simulators (two F1 simulators and four4 200 GTR simulators) which will give you driving sensations just like a real racing driver. This is a new area at the Kart Circuit.



The 6 simulators


Each of the 6 simulators has:

  • Electrical rams (4 for the F1 simulator and 2 for the rally GT) that reproduce real driving sensations (speed, braking, sliding, drifting, rolling,…).
  • Several screens positioned at the front of the vehicle (3 screens for the Formula 1 covering an angle of 180° and three 27 inch screens for the rally GT).
  • A sound system to make you feel as if you are right at the heart of the action (straight-through exhaust for the F1 simulator and an audio headset for the rally GT simulator).



Challenge up to 4 players simultaneously to action packed races on the most beautiful circuits in the world.



  • €20 for 10 minutes on the F1 Simulator
  • €12 for 10 minutes on the GT Simulator


A whole new world awaits you at the Kart circuit. See you in the LOUNGE BAR to relax and have a drink!


Technopôle, 58470 Magny-Cours
Tel. 03 86 21 80 00

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